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How to Style a Hoodie: 5 Easy Styling Tips

A hoodie doesn’t just keep you warm in cold weather; you can also wear this versatile piece as trendy sportswear, loungewear, or chic streetwear. Read on to learn how to style a hoodie in order to make your favorite outerwear luxe.

How to Style a Hoodie: 5 Easy Styling Tips

What Is a Hoodie

A hoodie is a hooded sweatshirt, typically featuring drawstrings at the neck for adjusting the hood’s fit. This multipurpose garment comes in three common styles: a full zip-up, a half zip-up, or a pullover. Cotton, polyester, or a blend of both are the most common fabrics that fashion brands use to make hoodies.

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5 Tips for Styling a Hoodie

Follow these style tips when brainstorming fashionable hoodie outfit ideas.

  1. 1. Be intentional about color. Use the color of your hoodie to accentuate your outfit. Pairing a neutral black, brown, white, or gray hoodie with the right accessories (like luxury jewelry) can establish a sophisticated, high-end look. If you’re going for a more playful vibe, opt for vibrant colors that pop and make a statement. Check out this breakdown on how to accessorize different looks.
  2. 2. Layer underneath a jacket. An oversized pullover hoodie makes a stellar layering piece under many jacket styles for a cold day. Cover your hoodie with a bomber jacket, and finish the outfit with a pair of straight-leg jeans and white sneakers for a streetwear-inspired casual look. Pair the same outfit with a trench coat (for classic flair), a blazer (for office dress codes), a pea coat, or a denim jacket to switch it up. Style an oversized hoodie as a dress underneath a black leather jacket and combat boots for some edge.
  3. 3. Accessorize the look. Accessorize a hoodie of any color with trendy sunglasses, a pair of hoop earrings, and an oversized wristwatch to add flair and personality to your outfit. Mix and match jewelry, hats, glasses, and scarves to find a look that complements your hoodie.
  4. 4. Embrace athleisure for comfort and style. The athleisure trend—which brings fashionable athletic clothing out of the gym—prioritizes comfort without sacrificing style, and fashion hoodies are ideal for this look. Style a slim zip-up hoodie over a crew-neck T-shirt as the foundation of your outfit. (Choose a black hoodie for a sleek look.) Pair these tops with fitted joggers, leggings, or an athletic skort or tennis skirt.
  5. 5. Zip-up hoodies look best unzipped. An open zip-up hoodie over a expressersanantonio plain T-shirt is a classic combo that’s remained stylish throughout decades of fashion cycles. If you’re not planning to leave your hoodie unzipped, opt for a pullover hoodie. A pullover gives you a sleeker look than a zipped hoodie by eliminating the line of zipper teeth down the middle of the look.